Hi, I’m Jeff.

Let me start by saying that figuring out what to eat every day is such a challenge. Back in college, I started putting on weight because I did not know how to cook for myself. I learned a little and had to change my eating and exercise habits. Now that I have a family and I plan the meals each week I’ve taken this cooking thing to a level I never thought of before. It is work to get the menu right so that everyone eats and stays healthy and learns good eating habits.

I like air fryers and I’m learning year over year to like cooking more and more.

I started this website to help people evaluate different air fryers on the market. What I discovered is that there are way more people that need help with figuring out problems with their air fryers, and figuring out the family menu (hm… sounds a lot like me actually). So, you will find a ton of great information about fixing your air fryer when it is causing problems and a growing area with recipes.

Please send me your feedback or ideas. I am a real person and I really care about what you have to say.

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Product Reviews

The product reviews on the site are based on public research, first-hand experience, and visitor feedback. Your opinions matter. If you have feedback on an air fryer or if you have one you want me to check out and review please let me know (click my name above to go to the contact form).


I post recipes when I have a really good one, or when a visitor sends one along that looks really good. If you would like to send me a recipe please use the contact form to send it along. I’m happy to credit you. And, if it is a winner it will go out to the followers on email and social media.


If you would like to advertise on Air Fryer Guide I am happy to talk about what makes sense for this community and for the results you want to achieve. Use the contact form.


I am a member of several affiliate programs. When a link will send you some place where I make money if you buy something I make that clear. That is how I want to be treated so I treat you the same way.