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Our team analyzed and selected the best air fryer based on analysis of all the leading models. Read this guide before you hit the stores or the order button.






Glip Retro

400 Degrees


4 Stars

2.2 Liter

23 Reviews

Avalon Bay

390 Degrees

Modern Glossy

5 Stars

3.2 Liter

23 Reviews

Air fryers cook your food differently. Instead of using hot oil they make use of hot air circulating around the food to crisp the outside and cook the inside. The lack of oil makes air fryers extremely healthy compared to traditional fryers while maintaining great taste and perfect temperatures. The best air fryer on the market are the ones you want in your kitchen. They provide years of service, they are easy to clean, and they come with features that make cooking easy.

The team has analyzed the following as the best air fryers available on the market today. Take a look at the review and comparison of each model and choose the one and follow the links to reviews to find out more from people just like you.

Without further delay, here are the top models of the year:

Philips HD9240/94 Airfryer Advance

Practical, convenient, and modern. The Philips HD9240/94 Airfryer features digital controls with a 60-minute timer and temperature adjustment to 390 degrees, allowing tremendous flexibility in the foods you can cook with this model. You will also love that the tray and related cooking surfaces are dishwasher safe, eliminating the difficulty of cleaning trays and pans. This air fryer will have you cooking hot and healthy meals the day it is delivered.This model is large, allowing you to cook for the whole family. For example, a bag of frozen vegetables or fries will easily fit in the tray.

You will also love the convenience of leaving your hot pad in the drawer since the HD9240/94 has a slide-out arm that requires no release mechanism to get it all the way out. By far one of the most important features of air fryers is the cooking time and this unit will not let you down.

We encourage you to start your search with this model. There are many others but this is by far our favorite.

GoWISE USA GW22611 8-in-1 Air Fryer with Digital Programmable Settings

This is another candidate for the best air fryer. When it comes to getting the most from your kitchen you get what you pay for. These models feature plenty of cooking space, great controls, fast and healthy cooking. The GoWISE GW22622 8-in-1 air fryer is the model for you if you want a full set of easy cooking settings including a warm-up button (great for leftovers), meat, chips, and cake presets to name just a few. Cooking temperature ranges from 170 degrees to 390 degrees, like most models at this level allowing you to easily cook everything from chicken to cakes.

Air fryers keep your kitchen really clean compared to deep fryers while still delivering a great tasting and juicy meal. This model is no exception and has our recommendation.

Philips HD9230/56 Digital AirFryer with Rapid Air

Many air fryers are alike though the Philips models stand out in their popularity. This is a trusted brand that provides great features at every level. [amazontextlink asin=”B00H8OATE8″ text=”The Philips HD9230/56 is a great mix of size, features, and great tasting food” alt=”Philips HD9230/56 Digital AirFryer”] that is healthy and easy to cook. Breaded shrimp, chicken, steak, fries, burritos, apple turnovers and countless other foods that come out crispy and delicious.

The primary features of the HD9230 are a 60-minute cooking timer, 180 to 390-degree cooking temperature, patented rapid air circulation technology, and the typical high-efficiency cooking that you come to expect from air fryers.

Note that this model is smaller than the two previously listed and if you are cooking for a family it is important to buy one that is large enough to save you time. Buying one that is too small will result in eating in shifts or using the oven at the same time. HD9230 is a great unit for two.

Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer

Most of the air fryers on this annual review of the best air fryers are on the list for their function and size and time savings. The Glip is here for a different reason. The design of the Glip AF800 is above and beyond other air fryers. The white and orange color scheme is complemented by retro style gauges and controls. The excellent design wraps around to the back of the unit as well with a retractable power cord. From a size standpoint, this is a small unit, holding just 2 quarts of food in the basket so it does not serve families main dishes very well, though sides would work out in this air fryer. It does come with both a tray and a roasting plate allowing you to cook meats, vegetables, fries, desserts, and so on.

This model uses 1400 watts of cooking power which is great for its small size and the temperature can be controlled up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The roasting plate is stainless steel and the timer keeps the unit on for up to 30 minutes.

We recommend this air fryer for its style and design. Watch out for the small size. This might be the best air fryer for you if you don’t mind the small size.

Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer with Rapid Air

This Philips air fryer is one of the most popular air fryers on the market, which is why we reviewed it, but to be honest, we’re not really sure if we can say that it’s the best air fryer. The Philips HD9220/26 is reliable but small and seemingly overpriced compared to other models. The controls on the unit are a temperature dial allowing temperatures up to 390 degrees and a simple rotary timer dial goes up to 30 minutes. The cooking area in the basket is consistent with the Glip AF800 at just around 2 quarts, putting this model on the smaller side of the air fryers reviewed here. The basket parts are dishwasher safe making cleanup very easy.

As we stated earlier, this is a small model. You cannot feed an entire family without doing batches. Frozen sides or 1-2 portions of meat will cook very well in the HD9220.

Overall, this is a solid air fryer from a reliability standpoint. We do consider it to be overpriced for its small size and features.

Zelancio Air Fryer with Rapid Air

Zelancio is a new name in air fryers and their first product has been very well received and reviewed. This model has a 60-minute timer and temperature control up to 400 degrees. The timer works as expected, turning off the unit when time gets to zero. The tray on the Zelancio has a non-stick coating for easy cleaning and the second shelf (for two-level cooking) is stainless steel. The controls on this air fryer are mechanical, not digital, which is a selling point for some customers.

All in all, this is a solid air fryer from a relatively new brand in the space but it is small. We think you will be pleased with this mid-range fryer, though others provide better in both areas.

How We Review And Determine the Best Air Fryer

Our review process is extensive. We compare models directly. We evaluate how well they cook, their size, their functions, and reliability. We also search the web for other customers reviews and pay particular attention to those that are negative and undecided because they tend to provide the best information. Combining all our experience we then provide our review of each product individually and then consider them all to determine the best air fryer. As you can see we clearly recommend certain models (like the Philips HD9240/94) and suggest you stay away from others (the Philips HD9220/26). We genuinely hope you find this guide useful and if you have any comments, be sure to include them. We hope you found the reviews helpful to pick the best air fryer for you.