Best Dry Fryers Compared

Shopping around, there are several dry fryers to chose from on the market and after making the decision to purchase one, knowing exactly which one to buy can be a challenge for people who have not read this page. Here we review the best dry fryers compared. Not all dry fryers are equal, even though the basic purpose of a dry fryer is to cook food that has a fried taste with less oil, so here we compare some of the dry fryers.

Dry Fryers Technology

The technology matters when choosing an air fryer. The technology works by circulating air to high degrees and the rapidly circulating hot air cooks the food. One of the top-selling brands at the time of this post is the Philips Air Fryer brand. The reason why this brand is so popular is for the quality associated with the brand. Other brands that sell dry fryers include Avalon, VonShef, GoWise, and Kenstar.

Each brand that sells dry fryers often has various models to select from. When I saw two Philips models side by side I was surprised by the size differences between the two. One looked like it was meant for someone living alone to make snacks and the other one looked big enough to feed a family. When reviewing different options for dry fryers it is important to look at the size and bucket capacity of each dry fryer so that you know the size of the fryer will meet your needs.

Dry Fryers Brands

Some popular brands include the following:

  • Philips
  • Avalon
  • VonShef
  • GoWise
  • Kenstar

Another name that dry fryers may go by are air fryers. The reason why they use the word dry or air to describe the fryer is that this type of frying is very non-traditional in the sense that it uses air, not grease to fry the food. The main benefit to using this frying technique is that you can get a lot of the same delicious fried taste with little oil. This make is so that foods that once very unhealthy to fry can now be made in a healthier variation.

Philips Dry Fryers



Manual Controls

2 Quarts

Black or White

30 Minutes

170-390 Degrees



Digital Controls

2 Quarts

Black or White

60 Minutes

170-390 Degrees


Family Size!

Digital Controls

3.5 Quarts

Black or White

60 Minutes

170-390 Degrees

The table above shows various Philips Dry Fryers. When I look at different Philips Dry fryers I really like how easily the tray slides. The sizes look to be just perfect for cooking a variety of meals. The temperature gauge reads very easily and can be easily set. These dry fryers compared have great quality.

Dry Fryers Recipes

There are several best recipes that can be made with air fryers and we highlight a few of them here. You can cook chicken, fries, egg rolls, and all kinds of foods. Depending on the type of recipes you want to try, you may need to consider the size of the dry fryer.

A smaller dry fryer may be able to provide for someone living alone, while a larger air fryer may be better for a family. Dry fryers come in all different sizes because of this need.

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