The methods and simple appliances used to cook in mouth watering and healthy ways have changed. Gone are the deep fryers. Gone are the pans with oil on the bottom. Now there are modern simple and beautiful kitchen appliances that fry without the oil using various methods such as halogen lamps, infrared heat, and blown forced air. It is time to take a look at the best oil less fryer options on the market.

Big Boss 9063 1300-Watt Oil Less Fryer, 16-Quart in Red, Blue, and Black

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Practical and convenient. The Big Boss 9063 is one of the most popular oil-less halogen fryers. It’s making use of convection and infrared heat from the halogen bulb while turning the basic. It cooks foods from frozen through to done without the need for separately thawing. Depending on the meal, two layers of food can be cooked at the same time allowing you to handle an entire meal at once. The 9063 includes a massive 16-quart glass container allowing you to easily cook the entire meal for many people at one time.

Three types of cooking work at the same time with this tabletop cooker: halogen heat, convection, and infrared. Combined these leave food moist while also browning and crisping the outside.

Oyama TRO-110C Turbo Convection Oven in White

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The Oyama Turbo Convection Oven cooks healthier meals by using super-heated circulating air. Foods cook evenly and maintain their moisture due to the multiple cooking methods applied by this type of cooker. Absolutely no oil is used with this counter-top convection oven. Further, you get to see the food while it is cooking allowing you to enjoy the progress. This model includes an 11 quart (10.5 liters) glass cooking container and includes temperature selection and timer controls.

With the Oyama Turbo, you can easily cook steak, pork chops, and other meats resulting in juicy cuts with a crisp, outback style, outside. You can also cook pies from frozen to done in about 30 minutes depending on the pie. Will this one be the best oil less fryer for you?

Big Boss 8925 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer

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A luxury model, the 8925 is unique in that it has 8 preset cooking settings for things like french fries, breaded meats, potato chips, or for simply thawing or dehydrating foods. The Big Boss models all use three cooking techniques in the infrared, conduction, and convection created by the unit. Absolutely zero oil is required when cooking with this type of oven and cleanup is very simple. This is an energy efficient tabletop cooker that will bring you many years of easy meals.

There is a bright light when these convection ovens cook your food but there is very little noise from fans or motors. There are many reviews for this unit and one notable customer pointed out that it is great for re-heating leftovers.

Homeleader HLK43-001 Halogen Infrared Convection Oven

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The Homeleader HLK43-001 is easy to operate and easy to clean halogen convection oven that requires no oil to cook foods and it’s for sure a contestant for the title best oil less fryer. Hot air moving around the food cooks it evenly without soot, char, and other health-concerning consequences from other cooking methods. Cooking in this way saves 20-30% on your energy bills from cooking when comparing to other cooking methods with the added benefit that you get to watch your food cook right before your eyes.

You have control of the cooking temperature with this model and can adjust from 1200 to 1400 watts of energy. A timer is also available so that you do not overcook the meal if you are preparing other foods or away from the kitchen.

This model is rather bright with the gloss finish and will definitely attract attention. There are two metal racks included for multi-level cooking.

Choosing The Best Oil Less Fryer or Convection Cooker

As you can see from these leading models, there is some variation in the products, manufacturers, and their features. The size of the appliance matters since you will be placing it on your counter top while cooking and the larger the basin the more food you can cook at once. Color matters greatly because while it is visible in your kitchen it is making a design statement. Like a toaster, an oil-less convection oven spends most of its time as something to enjoy the look of, not actually cooking. With this information and your particular needs, it is easy to choose the best oil less fryer for your kitchen.