Best Philips Airfryer Guide & Comparison

Philips Airfryer Guide

Philips offers a full line up of air fryers to meet your needs from college student with limited kitchen space to parents feeding the whole family. The popularity of Philips airfryer models is unrivaled primarily due to their reliability, looks, and function. The big deal about air fryers is that they are so healthy compared to deep fryers and can achieve the same sort of rapid cooking and crispy outside texture. The reduction in oil means that your food is much healthier and you feel much better about what you are feeding yourself and your family.

The Philips line of air fryers has three models. The HD9220 is the base model with simple rotary controls and small size. The HD9230 has an attractive digital control panel and is the same size as the HD9220. The HD9230 is significantly larger with a 3 quart capacity and digital controls like the HD9230. Each of these comes with a multi-level cooking tray for handling multiple foods at the same time. Different types of trays are also available for cooking different foods and getting different cooking results. These three models of airfryer cover the same range of features that you find across all the reliable brands of air fryers available today.

Read on for a direct comparison between the models as well as more details on each.

Air Fryer Comparison



Manual Controls

2 Quarts

Black or White

30 Minutes

170-390 Degrees



Digital Controls

2 Quarts

Black or White

60 Minutes

170-390 Degrees


Family Size!

Digital Controls

3.5 Quarts

Black or White

60 Minutes

170-390 Degrees


Philips Air Fryer Reviews

Philips HD9220

Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer in Black Front
This is an extremely popular model of air fryer which gets great reviews. Our reviewers, however, are not as impressed when looking across other comparable brands. The HD9220 provides a great set of basic features, small size, and reputable brand but there are equivalent models from other manufacturers at far better price points.

See our detailed review of the Philips HD9220 in white and black here.

Philips HD9230

>Glip AF800 Oil-Less Air Fryer in White
Taking a huge step up in features but keeping the basic size of the earlier model, the HD9230 sports digital controls and a 60 minute cooking timer. This is air fryer is a great mix of features and size that will provide years of great tasting, reliable service to your kitchen. Its critical parts are dishwasher safe and as we mentioned, controls are amazing.

Philips HD9240

Philips HD9240/94 Airfryer Advance
This is a great air fryer and our favorite since we have to cook for a family. Digital controls, larger size, nice style on the counter top, and a set and forget cooking method make this a winner. The HD9240 is not quite as popular as the smaller models but it is far more functional for more families and gives the chef some well earned simplicity.


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