GoWISE GW22622 Review

The GoWISE GW22622 Air Fryer sells at a lower price point compared to other air fryers and can still create delicious air fried foods. This air fryer is known best for its ability to cook frozen chicken nuggets, frozen fries, and fresh chicken wings, but can also be used to air fry a variety of other meals such as shrimp or egg rolls. Reviewers of this product often state that the fries made by the GoWISE GW22622 are much better than equivalent fries baked in an oven.

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History about Air Fryers

The air fryer was first introduced in 2006 to France. Over the past 10 years they have gained significant traction in places such as the United States for their ability to fry food with less oil. This past year, air fryers were a very popular gift. One of my neighbors received an air fryer as a gift from her in laws. Both purchasing an air fryer for home use or as a gift can be a good idea.

GoWISE GW22622 Features

GoWISE GW22622

GoWISE GW22622 temperature controls

The GoWISE GW22622 has several features that make it a good air-frying appliance.

  • It has adjustable temperature control up to 175-392 degrees Fahrenheit
  • At 12 pounds and with 9 x 8.5 x 12 inches dimensions, this air fryer is generally slightly smaller than other air fryers on the market
  • It has a 30-minute timer with automatic standby feature after it is finished cooking
  • Detachable basket for easy transfer to serving dish

Reasons to Buy The GoWISE GW22622 Air Fryer

This GoWISE GW22622 appliance is able to help individuals and couples prepare a range of meals including chicken nuggets, french fries, egg rolls, fresh chicken wings, etc. Compared to deep frying, this air fryer is easier to clean and the air fryer also has less smell. Another benefit of this air fryer is that users can put foil pans that fit into the basket to help with easy cleanup. This air fryer works great and less expensive than some of the other air fryers.

How the GoWISE GW22622 Air Fryer is different than a traditional deep fryer

Many people enjoy the taste of traditional deep fried foods, but regret the high calories and high grease content. They fry foods in a traditional fryer and deal with the fried smell flooding their home afterwards. An air fryer allows people to have an air fried taste, but with fewer calories because the meal was prepared with less oil. The cook can place the food in a frying tray of the air fryer, set the timer, and enjoy an air fried meal after it finishes. No longer do they have to worry about getting the oil to a certain temperature because they can just preheat the air fryer.


Many people are choosing to purchase an Air Fryer such as the GoWISE GW22622 to make meals to eat or for snacks throughout the day. The GoWISE GW22622 can be a great choice for those wanting the crisp flavor of a fried meal, but wanting to use less oil with out sacrificing flavor. The food made by an Air Fryer tastes delicious and the results achieved using this appliance can often reduce the amount of oil being cooked with compared to a traditional fryer. A review like this one is provided to help people searching for an air fryer find the right one for them to enjoy a meal at home.

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