Phillips Airfryer Buying Guide

Philips airfryers lead the pack in reliability, features, sales, and customer reviews. Before you buy an air fryer read our guide. We provide excellent information on the differences and uses of each model as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Airfryers are all about cooking food in a healthy, fast, and efficient way. They are an appliance that sits on your counter top just like a toaster and provide both aesthetic appeal and function. Air fryers cook foods by circulating very hot air around the meal much like a stove but with far better efficiency. It literally costs less to cook with an air fryer than with a stove or oven because of the techniques used in today’s air fryers.

These Philips models are very reliable. They will give you many years of dependable service. The parts that touch food are all dishwasher safe to save you time at the sink. That said, if you do have any troubles with your air fryer the steps for fixing the problem with an air fryer are quite easy and straightforward.

Read on for more information about using Philips airfryers.

Why Use a Phillips Airfryer

air fryer cookbook in the kitchenPhilips air fryers are a prestigious brand. You will enjoy having an airfryer in your kitchen due to the ease of cooking your meals and foods. Everything from doughnuts to meats to breads to fries are easily cooked in an air fryer. Philips models are extremely popular.

Cooking Chicken

Cooking chicken in an air fryer is extremely easy. You simply prepare and season the chicken in creative ways then place it in the airfryer at the desired temperature and time. Generally recipes recommend two cooking times and temperatures:

  1. 8 minutes at 360 degrees

As you can see cooking chicken is fast and easy. This does assume that you are starting from a thawed chicken breast. If it is frozen additional cooking time and technique will be required.

Cooking Fries

Potato or sweet potato fries are an excellent food item to cook in an air fryer. They can be freshly cut with a fry cutter or they can be from a bag of frozen fries.

The basic instructions for cooking frozen fries are as follows:

  1. For a 32 ounce bag of frozen fries takes 18 minutes at 360 degrees

The instruction for home made fries are a little difference since what makes fries fries is the layer of oil on the outside. With an airfryer you do not need near the oil of a deep fryer so don’t worry, these are still far more healthy than what you buy. Instructions:

  1. Toss the fries in just 3/4 tablespoon of healthy cooking oil
  2. Let the fries soak sit for 30 minutes in the oil to soak it up
  3. Place them in the air fryer and cook for 22 minutes at 360 degrees

Frozen Vegetables in a Phillips

air fryer cookbook todd
Like meats, vegetables are easy to cook in an airfryer and come out perfectly done once you learn the amount of time to cook them. Since each model of air fryer is slightly different you will learn yours over a short amount of time and be pleased with the results.

To cook frozen vegetables you will need to do some experimenting because the cook time will greatly depend on the thickness of the produce. The general guidance is to cook for 10 minutes at a moderate temperature and then check their status. You will want to shake them up during the cooking process since the surfaces exposed to the hot air will thaw and heat faster than those pressed up against another vegetable.

To cook fresh vegetables like potatoes and carrots you will want to start with a moderate temperature and 15 to 20 minutes cook time. Again, experimentation is the key. Under cook to start since you can always add time.

Battered Fish in an Air Fryer

Battered anything in an airfryer is a major challenge. Since the air fryer uses blown hot air to cook the food batter will generally be blown off creating a mess in the tray and an undesirable outcome with the food. Our guidance is to fry the batter on to the food for a short amount of time in a standard pan, then transfer the entree in to the airfryer to complete cooking.

If you’re going for it anyway we suggest you add flour to the batter to make it thick. This will help it adhere to the food while in the airfryer. Here is the general idea:

  1. Mix flour with a small amount of healthy cooking oil
  2. Roll the food in flour mix to create a thin layer on the outside
  3. Roll the food in breadcrumbs
  4. Cook in the air fryer

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