Air Fryer Guide’s : Tips & Tricks

Tips on cooking with an Air Fryer


  • Spray bottle dedicated to in kitchen use only. This is a must have in every kitchen, even if you don’t own an air fryer but especially if you do. Many times some recipe requires brushing or drizzling oil to the surface of the food. Spraying oil is easier and it often allows you to use a lot less oil than the other techniques.  Buy a kitchen spray bottle and you won’t regret it.
  • Placement preserves your Air fryer. The key to long lasting air fryer Is the condition you keep it in and the placement . Always have a dedicated place for your air fryer. Far from water and standing on a heat-resistant material. Always check if there is at least 5 inches behind your air fryer where the exhaust  vent  is located. That will save your air fryer from overheating.
  • Breading the right way. If you are new to this technique you must know that breading is really important so don’t skip any steps. It is really important to give a nice layer of flour, eggs and breadcrumbs at the end as coating on the food you will be cooking. Don’t let the breadcrumbs fall off use your hands if you have to. It is really important the coating to be firm and done the right way so  that It doesn’t get blown off the food by the fan of the air fryer.
  • Always Pre-heat the Air fryer before adding your food. This is a tip that will ensure that you always get the same result when you are cooking using an Air fryer. It’s an easy and simple thing to do. Just turn your Air fryer on, set the temperature for the needed temperature depending on what you are cooking and set a timer for 2-3 minutes. When it’s done your air fryer will be ready to receive the food.
  • Have the correct accessories for your Air fryer. Now you might ask what is considered a right accessory for an Air fryer.  Well any cake pan or baking dish that Is oven safe is probably safe for your Air fryer, but have the correct size because they should not get in contact with the heating element. Before buying an accessory for your appliance first thing you need to check is will it fit in the fryers basket.
  • Create a sling from aluminum foil. We know how much trouble getting the accessories out of the fryer’s basket cause. So we recommend you to fold a aluminum foil and make sling that will be placed in the basket before you place the baking dish or cake pan inside the fryer’s basket. When you place the aluminum strip into the basket, place your accessory on top and fold the ends of the strip inside the basket. When you are ready to take it out unfold the ends and lift it up.


  • Never overload the basket. We all like to cook as much as possible at one time, but we have to think think for the longevity  of our favorite appliance. Also overloading the basket will take a lot more time over all and won’t cook the food as good. The food won’t be evenly crispy and brown. The texture will be different in different parts.
  • Don’t be afraid to open the air fryer to check the progress. One of the best features of most of the Air fryers on the market is that you can open the drawer as many times as you need to make sure you food is cooking properly and to mix the ingredients to make sure everything is evenly cooked and tasting just right. After you close the Air Fryer the cooking will either resume or it won’t be interrupted at all in the first place.
  • Add water to the drawer if the food you are cooking contains fat. Some foods that you might cook in the Air fryer will most likely contain fat. High temperature makes the fat melt and causes grease to build up, which will eventually start burning causing the temperature to rise even more and cause smoke. To prevent this we recommend you to add water in the drawer below the basket.
  • Flip foods over halfway through the cooking time.  We assume you have some cooking experience before this. So you know that when frying, baking and grilling it’s really important to flip your food so that it gets evenly cooked. Well that implies to cooking in an Air Fryer as well. This will cause your food to brown evenly and have the same texture all over.
  • Basket shaking. Shaking the basket during cooking will cause even distribution of the ingredients throughout the whole basket.
  • Spray little bit of oil during cooking. For crispy and gold-brown professional looking color, it’s good to spray your food during the process of cooking using a kitchen bottle spray.
  • How to hold food to not get blown apart by the strong fan? Use toothpicks to hold food that needs to keep its shape otherwise it will get blown around in the basket.
  • Mix fine ingredients in with the oil.  All air fryers have strong fans, and they work in the way of blowing hot air to cook the food. When you use fine ingredients in your cooking like salt and spices, they have a tendency of ending up on the wall. The simplest solution to this problem is to mix the fine ingredients with the oil before you spray it on the food. Also you can add them right after you spray the oil directly on the food before the oil gets absorbed.
  • The slow cooking ingredient should be added first. Some recipes are complex and require multiple interventions during the cooking time. This recipes contain multiple ingredients which might have different cooking times. So don’t be afraid to open your Air fryer and add new ingredients in the cooking process. Most common ingredients that need to be added at the start are meat and potatoes , while faster cooking items should be added later.
  • Always use high quality oil. The idea behind an Air fryer is the healthy living and cooking healthy meals using no-oil or very little oil. It doesn’t hurt if you use some expensive, high-end oil since you will use only very little quantity for each cooking session. This tip is not directly connected with health and longevity of the appliance, but more so with your personal health.

After cooking

  • Don’t turn your food out on your plate before you remove the basket from the drawer. The drawer usually contains a lot of grease and food juices so depending on the foods you are cooking that might not be something you want on your plate. If the food you are cooking contains low fat or no fat at all, then you can use this juices and pour them on your food like sauce.
  • The basket and the drawer should be cleaned after every use. If you put off washing this vital parts you risk food contamination the next time you cook, plus you allow for the juices to dry up and stick to the surface and burn during the next cooking session which will spread not so good smells around your kitchen. After you are done washing the drawer and the basket you can either use a towel or you can use the Air dryer to dry them by turning it on for 2-3 min.
  • Don’t ever wash the whole Air fryer or any of its parts in the dishwasher. Even if the manufacturer of your Air fryer allows it’s parts to be washed in a dishwasher we recommend to avoid doing so. Dishwashers can damage plastic very easy so if you want your Air fryer to last longer and work properly then you should find extra few minutes to spend on hand washing the parts yourself.
  • You can use your Air fryer to reheat the leftovers. There isn’t any rule on time or temperature. It’s really your choice. We suggest reheating at temperature of 350﮿F as long as it takes for the food to reach temperature of 160﮿F.


  • Food is fairly raw or not crispy enough. We recommend to always consider how much quantity you will put in the basket. Overloading the basket will cause your food to cook way slower and never get as crispy as you might want it. You will always get the best results if you use it multiple times in a row when you are cooking large quantities.
  • White smoke is coming from the Air fryer. This is something that first time users experience at least once when they use their new appliance. Commonly this white smoke might be caused by the grease burning inside the drawer. This can be prevented by adding small amount of water in the drawer.
  • Black smoke is coming from the Air fryer. The first thing you need to do when you deal with any larger issue is to turn your machine off. Check the insides of your Air fryer. Look up towards the heating element because the powerful fan might have blown some food in it causing it to burn and give black smoke.
  • The air fryer won’t turn off. One of the features of many of the Air fryers on the market is the delayed shutting down. When you press the power button the fan will blow hot air for the next 20 seconds or so until it shuts down. Pressing the power button again will turn the machine back on.


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